Bright Neon Colors Trend

Spring is here, and summer is approaching. One of the trend that I notice is Bright neon color. That being said, bright color is always in for the spring/summer. This bright color things never go out of trend. Even though, bright color is in, but NOT all bright color things will compliment and look good on everyone. I found like somethings are not meant to be invented or be bright color. That being said, I am not a fashion designer or someone famous who can judge what looks good on a person. This is just my opinion and perception. 
People have different taste in Clothes. I might like one thing, and the other might think it looks ugly or vice versa. So what i think is good looking might not be so good to somebody else. Its hard for me to describe my own style. I think my style is all over the place. Well, enough of that, so since the blog title is about bright color, here is some photo that i found about bright colors clothes, accessories, and so on. I'll let the readers decide whether they think those are hits or miss. 

Which one is a hit and which one is a miss?
Pictures from ELLE Magazine

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