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Yeah this blog entry is gonna be like Blah Blah Blah to some of you because i'm gonna talk about random things. So the first thing that i wanna talk about is girl's hair. ok, so here is probably true to most of you, that we girls or guys don't really like what we have. We want things that other have and most of the people do not appreciate what they have, and that is normal, it  just part of human nature. I heard a lot of girls complaining and about their hair and stuff and would wanna trade their hair with someone else. who am i to judge? since i'm just one of them. Let me make this clear, I do not hate my hair but i just wish that i have another type of hair to put it in words. I have natural straight hair, of course just like the typical Asian's girls hair :) Some day my hair would be pin straight, some day it would have a touch of waves in it. I used to straighten my hair all the time when i was younger and this was the main reason that contribute to my damage hair. It is so hard to restore my hair to its natural condition since it lost a lot of moisture. So now you know about my natural hair, let me tell you what type of hair that i want to have. Can you all guess?................. The answer is curly of course. That's why I decided to crimp my hair today :) and it looked AMAZING. I love it. I would die to have this hair.
Here are some photo of my hair of course, and me

Enough about hair, so today I decided to do a Youtube video talking about my favorites mascara. I have many  mascara at home. If any one come and steal all my make up, they better leave at least a mascara for me, the good one of course. I am not saying that you can come and still my make up but if you do, be nice and leave me a mascara !!!! If not, U R DEAD MEAT........... aka DEEP SHIT! Just saying :)
Enjoy the video :)

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